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When you're ready to expand into the largest market in the world, you need to have an experienced partner. Lentus delivers.


You’ve designed, prototyped, refined, and manufactured an amazing product that is selling well in your home markets. Now you’re ready to expand into North America. Not sure how to get started selling in the largest market in the world? Not to worry, Lentus can help!


With our broad market knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and over 60,000 square feet of warehouse space, we can handle the heavy lifting on this side of the world. As a Master Distributor of Dow's DOWSIL™ products, we have developed the logistics infrastructure, customer service, and sales networks to deliver, market, and sell your product to a wide range of industries. Let Lentus help take your business to the next level.

With established distribution channels across the US and North America, Lentus can quickly and easily get your products where they need to be. From our strategic location in Central Kentucky, we benefit from convenient shipping to all of North America within two days, in most cases. We stock your goods, process orders, collect payments, and send you a check – it’s that easy! Our dedicated customer service representatives and experienced sales staff build relationships with your consumers that will make your products the right choice for any industry.

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