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Advanced Gloves SG-100 Rodeo Glove Promotion


Theming and special offers can be important parts of any marketing campaign, and this is especially true when introducing a product to a new market. Lentus is the Master Distributor of Advanced Gloves, and when the SG-100 Rodeo Gloves were ready to promote, we went the extra mile to help ensure success.

Lentus worked with Advanced Gloves to understand the features and benefits of the SG-100s. These gloves have a history and character all their own. They are some of the highest quality work gloves available and were born out of the rough and tumble world of rodeo cowboys. They were originally designed for hanging on tight as a bull hurled cowboys around an arena at break-neck speeds. 

We took this well-made product and the character of the cowboy and put them together with a special introductory offer for wholesale suppliers to form an attention-getting video presentation telling the story of the SG-100s. The video was distributed via email, at trade shows, across social media and blog postings, and in sales presentations given by our extensive sales representative networks.

The end of the video identifies a specific new market that Lentus identified for SG-100 gloves. Our research told us utility workers should be targeted for the sale of this product because of their level of income, the willingness of utility companies to pay for high-quality equipment, the importance of safety in the industry, and an audience with an affinity for outdoor lifestyles. Targeting this industry was an important step in the roll-out of a successful introductory campaign.

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