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Listening, understanding, and solving problems


A Vendor Partner with Lentus does not mean that we are just here to push your products into our distributor pipeline and hope for the best. We are here to listen and to learn about your products, what makes them special, and how to give them an edge in the marketplace. We work with you to solve problems that may stand between your product and a sale.

Lentus is the Master Distributor for Dow Corning's DOWSIL™ sealant products, and we often help to educate wholesale distributors and end customers about the positive differences DOWSIL™ products offer that other brands do not. In working with Dow Corning we discovered that DOWSIL™ contains only 100% silicone while many competitors cut their products with extending agents. Sometimes up to 30% of these competitors products are cheap product weakening fillers added to save costs.

Lentus developed the Dow Corning Secret Extending Agent Promotion to let wholesalers and end customers in on the secret. This promotion solved the problem for targeted audiences assuring them that the only way they could be sure they are getting 100% silicone sealant in the products they purchase is to buy Dow Corning silicone sealants.

Working with our Vendor Partners to understand their products and to recognize selling opportunities adds value to our relationships that can be hard to find.


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