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Lentus uses a wide variety of communications channels to drive important product messages.

Lentus takes advantage of communications channels that are relevant to each selling situation in which we may find ourselves. The HARDI Annual Conference is the premier event each year in the world of HVACR. Several of the Lentus Vendor Partner relationships include products perfect for the HARDI attendee audience in Las Vegas.


As Lentus geared-up for the event we discovered that we could access a special news feed that would be available to all show attendees on their mobile devices, and that there was strong social media support surrounding the show as well. Lentus leveraged these new communications channels with a series of Vegas-themed messages that drove home the benefits of our products and provided incentives for attendees to come to the Lentus booth space.

These messages were presented every couple of hours to ensure that we captured the eyes of those checking-in about breakouts and events throughout the days of the conference. Lentus was able to reach a high number of attendees driving traffic to our booth for information about our products at very little cost through the use of this clever approach.

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