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The art of mold making starts with high quality materials that will produce end-products that are accurate every time. If you provide reliable mold making products, we want to help you bring them to new markets. 

Lentus partners with companies providing products designed to deliver the high quality tolerances and results needed to do the job right. We understand that mold making OEMs serve many industries, each with different needs. Some are working with rapid prototyping, architectural products, 3-D printing, or a variety of other mold making functions. Lentus takes the time to understand customers' unique needs and consults with them about your products to find solutions that work.

Mold masters demand high quality and rely on product availability to deliver the craftsmanship they are trusted to produce on-time, every time. Lentus is the right partner to provide your mold making solutions to these challenges.

When partner with Lentus, quality mold making products are delivered on customers' terms with high availability. Your products remain in-stock in the US and our headquarters is located in Kentucky, right in the middle of North America, giving us quick delivery times no matter where you're located. Our mold making network is based on existing relationships built on trust, and we consult on your behalf providing great responsiveness to solve problems and meet challenges.

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